Orange Oil
  • Solvent is Pure Citrus Oil—No Petroleum Distillates
  • 100% Biodegradable Formula
  • Sprays Easily Through Pump-Up or Trigger Sprayers
  • Cuts Asphalt & Grease Faster than any Other Product on the Market
  • Rinses Easily to a Grease-Free Surface
  • Excellent Oil/Water Break in Separators
  • Discharge Clean Water with Extremely Low Oil and Grease Levels

This truly unique material is based on 100% Citrus Oil, the solvent best known to the industry for removal of tar and asphalt from tools and equipment. This material is completely biodegradable and will clean, degrease, and deodorize in just one step, leaving the fresh smell of oranges.

Directions for Asphalt or Grease Removal: Small parts should be soaked in a covered container of Orange Oil until the asphalt and/or grease falls from the surface. The parts can then be removed and rinsed under running water or wiped clean to remove the Orange Oil and any traces of grease or tar that might remain.

For larger parts or machinery simply spray, mop, or otherwise flood the surface to be cleaned. For best results, do not allow Orange Oil to dry on the surface. For this reason, application to hot equipment is not recommended. Under normal circumstances, a few minutes should be allowed for Orange Oil to penetrate and loosen the deposits of tar, asphalt, and grease. For tough or thick deposits, physical agitation with a stiff bristle brush may give better results. Smaller areas may be wiped clean. Larger areas should be rinsed clean with large volumes of water. A high pressure washer is recommended for this last step, but a stiff spray from a garden hose will suffice.

Directions for Grease Traps & Drains: To free up or unclog pipe just pour two to three cups into the drain, garbage disposal, or grease trap and allow to work for as long as possible (overnight for best results). Flush the grease and clog from the pipes with large volumes of hot water. For routine maintenance and to insure continued clog-free operation pour a cup into the problem drain every night.

Orange Oil is a ready-to-use product. Do not dilute with water or any other solvent. Care should be taken that Orange Oil does not soften plastics or fade or remove paint. DO NOT use on automotive finishes. When in doubt, carefully test Orange Oil in a small inconspicuous place and observe for potential problems. Citrus Oil is a combustible material. Keep away from heat and open flames.

Although Orange Oil is not particularly toxic, it may cause some drying of the skin and will cause significant irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes. Use of normal industrial hygiene is recommended. Please refer to the MSDS for more specific precautions.

Keep this and all similar materials out of the reach of children.

For spill, leak, or Medical Emergency call Infotrac 800-535-5053

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