Degreaser Concentrate
  • Extremely powerful alkaline-based degreaser
  • Cuts even the worst grease
  • Cuts carbon black
  • Very economical: Dilute with up to 20 parts water
  • Rinses clean and spotless
  • Perfect oil/water break with no rag layer and no extra treatment steps
  • Cleans Composition Roofing (Shingles) like nothing else
  • May be used with a hose-end dilution foamer attached to a garden hose to cover large areas
  • Can be mixed and applied in a garden sprayer
  • Always wear rubber gloves when using

Degreaser is River City’s strongest and most alkaline cleaner. This product has been designed with the toughest jobs in mind and combines the newest available surfactant technology with alkaline builders that have been used for decades for truly tough grease removal. Special water softeners and dispersants have been added to prevent scale build-up in hot pressure washer coils and pumps.

Due to the new surfactant technology, Degreaser can lift oil and grease from the surface without forming stable emulsions. This makes Degreaser particularly suitable for use in areas where oils and greases must be skimmed or separated from the water for discharge.

Directions: The preferred method of application for most jobs is through a hot water pressure washer. Set the soap control knob on the pressure washer to dispense five ounces to ten ounces per gallon and apply with broad sweeping strokes, paying special attention to heavily soiled areas. Allow the soap solution to sit in the surface as long as is practical, giving Degreaser the time it needs to penetrate and loosen deposits of grease, oil, and soot. Rinse thoroughly with the pressure washer for a clean film free surface.

Degreaser may be used as a stronger solution for especially difficult degreasing or for removal of soot and smoke stains. Simply dilute with six to ten parts of water and apply through a pump-up sprayer or other suitable device. Allow the product time to penetrate and disperse the grease and soot, then rinse with a pressure washer if available.

Degreaser is an extremely potent soap, and care should be taken when cleaning painted surfaces or any soft metal such as Aluminum or Zinc. When in doubt as to the suitability of Degreaser, a small inconspicuous area should be exposed to the chemical for testing prior to washing the entire surface.

Caution: Degreaser contains Potassium Hydroxide. Take precautions to shield the skin and eyes from contact with the cleaning solution. Please refer to the MSDS for further precautions. Keep this and all similar materials out of the reach of children.

For spill, leak, or Medical Emergency call Infotrac 800-535-5053

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