Auto Wash Plus
  • Complete removal of road film without scrubbing
  • High foaming—perfect for car washes
  • Reduces the need for acid on Aluminum tankers
  • Pre-spot difficult areas & easily remove greasy fingerprints & bugs
  • Removes brake dust, soot, and oxidation
  • Freely rinses to a sparkling finish
  • Highly concentrated for economy 1 to 2 ounces per gallon is all you need

Auto Wash Plus is an alkaline cleaner designed especially for removal of road film, soot, brake-dust, grease and oxidation from cars and trucks. Auto Wash Plus is an excellent all-around vehicle cleaner and can be used on fifth wheels and engines for grease removal as well as doing an outstanding job of cleaning and brightening Aluminum wheels and bumpers. Auto Wash Plus is the perfect product for all vehicle surfaces and soils.

Directions : The preferred method of application for road film removal is through a hot water pressure washer. Set the soap control knob on the pressure washer to dispense two ounces per gallon and apply with broad sweeping strokes, paying special attention to heavily soiled areas. Rinse thoroughly with the pressure washer for a clean, film-free surface.

Auto Wash Plus may be used as a stronger solution for degreasing and removal of soot or brake-dust. Simply dilute with six to ten parts of water and apply through a pump-up sprayer or other suitable device. This is an excellent method for removing bugs from the windshield and front grill of cars and trucks. Just spray the affected areas with the stronger solution of Auto Wash Plus and then wash the vehicle per normal procedure.

Never apply this material without dilution. Do not begin washing any vehicle which has been left in the sun. Hot vehicles should be cooled by a quick application of clean water before applying Auto Wash Plus—especially Aluminum surfaces.

Caution : Auto Wash Plus contains Sodium Hydroxide. Take precautions to shield the skin and eyes from contact with the cleaning solution. Please refer to the MSDS for further precautions. Keep this and all similar materials out of the reach of children.

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