Dust Magnet
  • Sweep dust into the trash—not into the air
  • End your dust problems forever—keep your stock clean and dust-free
  • Put an end to air filled with dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, and pollen
  • Economical—One gallon covers thousands of square feet
  • Easy to use—just spray a fine mist to eliminate dust
  • No more messy Floor Sweeping Compound
  • Will not cause slippery floors when used as directed
  • Will not discolor floors or leave an oily residue

Dust Magnet—the easiest and most economical way to end your dust problems forever. Are you tired of sweeping clouds of dust into the air? Are you tired of spreading out large quantities of bulky sweeping compounds that leave the floor oily? Dust Magnet is the end of your dust worries.

Have you ever stopped to think that all that dust going up in the air is just going to come back down on the floor and on your merchandise? Did you know that dust is a health hazard and harbors mold spores, pollen, dust mites and bacteria? Have you ever thought about the fact that dust in the air is dust you will breathe?

Like most everything else, dust carries a small static electrical charge. This static electricity causes dust particles to repel each other. Sweeping compounds use oily sawdust to stick these particles together. This works, but it’s like using a sponge to clean your counter top and then throwing the sponge away. It’s wasteful and inefficient. There’s a better way. Dust Magnet works by neutralizing the static charge on dust particles of all kinds. Once the charge is neutralized, the particles will naturally stick together. No oily sawdust needed, no slick and shiny floors, and no dust swirling into the air.

Directions : Just fill a pump-up sprayer with Dust Magnet, adjust the tip to the finest spray possible, and then lightly mist the floor before sweeping. That’s it! Don’t over-apply. The floor should not look obviously wet when finished spraying. One gallon should cover about 10,000 ft2.

Be sure to reapply Dust Magnet after sweeping. This will keep the dust out of the air for at least a week. Maintenance application of Dust Magnet, except in extremely dusty environments, is generally more effective if done directly after sweeping.

Caution : Although Dust Magnet is non-flammable and no adverse health effects are expected from incidental exposure, normal industrial hygiene habits

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