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Purchase Your Product - Not Someone Else's

  If you’re passionate about something; if you really enjoy a particular activity, and if you work at that activity for a period of time, oh, let’s say 35 years, you become very good at that activity.

 The founder and owner of River City Soap, Gregg Overman, is passionate about a number of things and fortunate in that he can make a living doing one of those things: working in a laboratory.

 Since he started in the chemical industry in the late 1970’s, Gregg has been consumed with the process of bringing something as wispy as an idea or a desire on the part of a customer into a Lab and coaxing it into reality by careful testing and experimentation. He has said that watching the first drums of a new formula leave the plant on the way to a customer is like seeing one of your children graduate from college.

 This passion and this expertise is available to you. There is no need to pick your product from a list of available formulas when River City Soap is willing, able and eager to formulate exactly what you need.

 It’s the difference between buying a suit off the rack or going to a tailor.

 We are The River City Soap Co. and nobody does it better.

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