• Auto Wash Plus

    Auto Wash Plus is an alkaline cleaner designed especially for removal of road film, soot, brake-dust, grease and oxidation from cars and trucks. Auto Wash Plus is an excellent all-around vehicle cleaner and can be used on fifth wheels and engines for grease removal as well as doing an outstanding job of cleaning and brightening Aluminum wheels and bumpers. Auto Wash Plus is the perfect product for all vehicle surfaces and soils.

  • Sud-Z-Wash Concentrate

    Sud-Z-Wash Concentrate is a highly concentrated product used extensively for fast and efficient removal of all types of soils from vehicles and other exterior surfaces. Sud-Z-Wash Concentrate is economical, easy to use, and is safe for any and all surfaces. This product yields spectacular results on glass and other non-porous surfaces such as vehicles or other machinery. The lubricating action of the high suds makes Sud-Z-Wash perfectly suited for brushing all types of surfaces while protecting

  • Windshield Solvent

    Windshield Solvent is formulated to be used as an automotive and truck windshield washing cleaner. This concentrate is to be diluted with water prior to use. Special ingredients remove road film, salt residue, and insects. Windshields sparkle, and will not streak when wipers are used. Windshield Solvent may also be used to polish chrome on automobiles. This product may be diluted 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water in winter months to resist freezing. See use dilution chart for dilution ratio t

  • Magiclean

    This aggressive and versatile cleaner is specially formulated for tabletops, counters, wood, plastic, and all glass surfaces. Magiclean quickly dissolves smudges, film, scum, smear, bug residue and other stubborn soils. The non-ammoniated formula has a pleasant fresh and clean scent and is effective on hot or cold surfaces. The enriched white foam does not streak and is safe for use on window tinting, clear plastic, mirrors, and almost any other surface.

  • Acid Wash One

    Acid Wash One is specifically formulated to remove the dull oxidation from Aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. Specially formulated acids and surfactants will wet out and penetrate even oily surfaces to leave a mirror-like finish on even the dingiest wheels, bumpers, and tanker trucks.

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