• Liquid Brick Grill and Oven Cleaner

    River City’s Liquid Brick is the most powerful combination of alkaline detergents, emulsifiers, and dispersants available on the market today. Specifically formulated for food service and restaurant industries.

  • Grease Buster Plus

    Grease Buster Plus has been designed with the toughest jobs in mind and combines the newest available surfactant technology with the alkaline builders that have been used for decades for truly tough grease and dirt removal. Special water softeners and dispersants have been added to prevent scale build-up in hot pressure washer coils and pumps.

  • Magiclean

    This aggressive and versatile cleaner is specially formulated for tabletops, counters, wood, plastic, and all glass surfaces. Magiclean quickly dissolves smudges, film, scum, smear, bug residue and other stubborn soils. The non-ammoniated formula has a pleasant fresh and clean scent and is effective on hot or cold surfaces. The enriched white foam does not streak and is safe for use on window tinting, clear plastic, mirrors, and almost any other surface.

  • Stain Out

    Stain Out contains the same active ingredient as OxiClean and is driven by simple oxygen activated by tap water. Removing a stain in and around your business just got easier with Stain Out. Living up to its name, Stain Out tackles over 100 stains, like chocolate stains, on multiple surfaces like carpet, upholstery, kitchen and bath surfaces and even works outdoors on gutters, unfinished decks, and patio furniture. And it's color safe and 100% chlorine-free! Unleash the Oxygen-use Stain Out.

  • Stain Away

    Stain Away contains no bleach and no dilution is required. This ready-to-use spot and stain remover combines state of the art dispersants and decolorizes. Most stains will simply disappear as you watch. Use Stain Away for safe and complete removal of difficult stains such as iodine, blood, food and drinks, chocolate and many more from any and all fabrics and carpets. Don't throw away good clothing because of a simple stain! Use Stain Away.

  • Auto Scrub

    Auto Scrub is specifically designed for use in automatic floor scrubbing equipment and simple damp mopping applications. Auto Scrub is the industry standard for cleaning floors of all types. Asphalt tile, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tile, concrete-sealed & painted or just bare concrete-any type of floor imaginable will come sparkling clean as Auto Scrub removes grease, grime, grit, and grunge safely and completely without rinsing and without foaming. Economical, biodegradable, and concentrated-for

  • Nu-Stainless

    Nu-Stainless can bring back to life even the most difficult Stainless Steel surfaces. Nu-Stainless removes rust, water scale, fingerprints, and stains of all types to make your stainless steel equipment and appliances look just like the day they were installed. Slightly thickened to cling to vertical surfaces yet thin enough to spray through almost any applicator, Nu-Stainless is non-abrasive and will not scratch or discolor stainless steel surfaces when used as directed. You'll never need or wa

  • Dish Wash

    Get more cleaning power. Get River City's Premium Dish Wash. It's so powerful because it contains 30% more cleaning ingredients per drop than the leading non-concentrated brand. Premium Dish Wash has the power you need to fight tough grease and get the squeaky-clean dishes you're looking for. And you can count on River City Premium Dish Wash to get through more dishes before emptying the sink because of low foam or greasy-feeling water.

  • Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap

    Stop worrying about shaking hands! Everyone knows that many diseases are transmitted by direct contact. The frequent use of antibacterial hand soaps has been proven to decrease the spread of disease and improve overall health. Antibacterial hand soaps also speed the healing of small cuts and scrapes by reducing the bacterial load in and around the wound. Eat right, get plenty of rest, and wash those hands.

  • Dust Magnet

    Did you know that dust is a health hazard and harbors mold spores, pollen, dust mites and bacteria? Have you ever thought about the fact that dust in the air is dust you will breathe? Dust Magnet is the easiest and most economical way to end your dust problems forever. Are you tired of sweeping clouds of dust into the air? Are you tired of spreading out large quantities of bulky sweeping compounds that leave the floor oily? Call River City Soap about Dust Magnet.

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