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Mission Statement

We believe that outstanding quality and reasonable prices should not be mutually exclusive. We consider that the measure of true quality is reflected not just in effective product composition but in the excellence we bring to every interaction with every person, be they customer, partner or vendor.

Core Competencies

With over thirty years’ experience in custom formulation and production, we can easily and quickly make effective, economical products for any application.

Not all of our products are listed on this website. If you have a particular requirement and don’t see what you need, please contact us at 901-487-6927 or info@rivercitysoap.com
  • Restaurant

    For all your restaurant cleaning needs including Grill and Oven Cleaner, Pot and Pan, Machine Dishwash, Third Sink Disinfectant, and Floor Cleaners

  • Automotive

    The absolute highest quality products for Hand-Washing, Pressure Washing, Wheels, Bug Removal, Windshields and Car Washes

  • Industrial

    Degreasers from Neutral to Hot, with Butyl and without, Acid Cleaners, Orange Oil, Concrete Removers, Etching Compounds and More

  • Janitorial

    Floor Wax, Wax Stripper, Neutral Floor Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Non Acid Bowl Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaners, Disinfectants

Our Blog
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